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Paul Chandler wants to tell you a story. It'll be original. He'll tell it with pace. He'll introduce you to memorable characters, interesting tech, and high-stakes legal battles. 


He grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, but moved west when he was a teenager. He now lives at the HAVEN (it's a house, but he likes to nickname things) in Northern California

He's working on his next book, OVERMATCHED - book two in the Riley Callen series. He hadn't intended to create a series with his previous book, but readers said they wanted another adventure with Riley and Molly. Mr. Chandler is happy to oblige.


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In the early morning of December 23rd, 1994, Bill and Vera Loden awoke to discover fire raging through their home. Both parents desperately try to save their three small children from the flames, but the fire blocks every avenue. All too quickly, the battle ends and the children are lost.


Grieving and broken, the parents are shocked when investigators report they can find no trace of the children's remains. The relief the Lodens feel at this news is short-lived as this frightening question looms: where are their children? 


As the months passed, with no sightings of the children reported and no progress in the investigation, the disappearances were declared a cold case. All of the files related to the investigation were boxed and sent to storage. Over two decades later, that dusty box remains unopened, and the fate of the Loden children remains a mystery. 

Riley Callen, a private investigator specializing in missing persons, receives a call from the children's mother asking for help. The case is dead-cold. The original investigation developed no leads. There isn’t even a tiny thread to pursue after so many years. Despite the impossibility of the circumstances, Riley is intrigued and takes the case.


Riley has access to a remarkable technology thanks to a grateful, wealthy client. This tech leads her to the people she suspects kidnapped the children. What Riley soon discovers is that these people are dangerous. They have a secret to keep and are willing to do anything to protect it. What these dangerous people don't know, but will soon discover, is that Riley is dangerous, too.


"I enjoyed reading this book!

No slow start here. The first chapter is gripping and caught my attention.

This book moves fast, characters are well developed, the storyline is plausible, and the action scenes are explosive.

I could see this story in a movie! At the least, I’d settle for a sequel."


"Mr. Chandler once again succeeds in creating a piece of fiction that reads like a movie with unique characters and fantastic action. There are twists and turns and you will not be able to put the book down.

Mr. Chandler has created a thought provoking story with plenty of action and superb dialogue. Do yourself a favor and click buy, trust me, you will not regret it."


I read this book in one night! I couldn't put it down. So good! I loved the action and suspense.


This book grabbed my attention right away, kept me on the edge and anxious to see what would happen next. I loved the fact that the protagonist is a very strong, very capable, intelligent woman.

Art historian Edward Ellis has spent years searching for an obscure artist named Ethan Tanner and, more importantly, his rarely seen paintings. Given the scant information in his possession, he can barely make the argument that Ethan Tanner had actually existed. The majority of his colleagues think the Tanner paintings are a myth, a false but tantalizing rumor of an unknown artist and his undiscovered masterpieces. 


The few scraps of information Edward has collected over the years suggest that not only are the paintings real, but they are also, by all accounts, astonishing. Edward, determined to see these incredibly rare works, won't stop looking until he finds them.


While Edward searches for the Tanner paintings, billionaire Jedd Blake has done everything he can to keep them hidden. Blake knows full well how unique and valuable the paintings are, and he has no intention of sharing them. Even in death, he won't let them go.


When the reporter asked about the painting, Denholm replied, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”  That comment was quickly followed by this contrary statement:  “It’s also the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.”


The first recorded sighting of a Tanner painting - 1948, Alexis, Illinois


REVIEWS excerpted from 


"Excellent book, so out of the norm it was a pleasure to read. The character development and their fight is real, you genuinely care for them and share in their triumphs and woes. As stated before a truly intriguing must read."


"I have a decent appreciation of fine art and love a book that captures my attention. This story riveted my attention to the point that while in the middle of it, I was wishing it was much longer. As if that wasn't enough, after finishing reading, I feel that I can appreciate fine art much more. Superb writing."


"This book is a real diamond, just waiting to be discovered. A mystery with a twist."


"This book captures you with the first chapter! I had a hard time putting it down and couldn't wait to get back to it!"


"Eleven is a gripping tale of deceit, passion, addiction and the lengths people go to get what they want."


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In 1958, a group of unscrupulous men used fabricated evidence, perjured testimony, and a crooked judge to steal Samuel Razor’s company. For ten years, Razor allows them to believe they’ve gotten away with their crime. They continue to believe it until the day Razor comes for them.


Five decades later, Samuel Razor is a billionaire and an icon in the business world. His revenge taken, his youth long gone, and his health rapidly failing, there is one last important thing he wants to accomplish before he leaves this world, one more villain he needs to deal with. 


The legal justice system–the very system that made the theft of his company legal and binding–is laughably easy to deceive. All it takes to defeat it is something that anyone can do: tell a lie. And from that lie come lawyers, trials, incompetent verdicts, and inevitably, unsatisfying compromises. 


To ensure the law only serves and does not victimize, there can be no lies, no lawyers, no biased judges. Samuel Razor has the money, the influence, and the motivation to reinvent the system. It will be his last and final act of revenge.



REVIEWS excerpted from 


"This book is exciting! Its full of rich and varied characters, amazing cutting edge technology and it's grounded just enough to be believable!"


"Though scientific, Razor's Revenge is easy to read; it isn't a book that makes a reader work to understand the plot and subplots. I highly recommend this book; it is a must read."


"Razor's Revenge is a fun and exciting book. It reads like a Dan Brown novel, in all the best ways."


"The novel is extremely thought provoking and a wonderfully paced ride with all the twists and turns I've come to expect from Mr. Chandler's work. I deeply recommend this novel to anyone with a pulse. You will not be disappointed."


"En route to the final verdict in "Razor's Revenge," readers who cheer Razor at the beginning will have ample opportunity to question whether absolute and merciless truth in a courtroom represents the best of all possible worlds or represents a dark victory."

Andrew Ash can read your mind. With very little effort, he can peek into your head and see your memories. And with only a small measure of guilt, he will steal your secrets. Andrew has used his special talent to make himself and his business partner, Ray Duncan, wealthy. But the money has come too easily, and the prospect of becoming wealthier still has lost its appeal. 


David Martin is the host of a wildly popular late-night talk show. He’s also on trial for the brutal murder of his wife and two daughters. Despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, a star-struck jury is determined to set him free. Andrew, by virtue of his extraordinary ability, knows the truth, and he’s willing to risk everything to convince a sympathetic jury to look past the fame and see the monster.


Paul Trask, the greedy CEO of the Micro-Delta Corporation, has stumbled onto Andrew’s amazing talent. He quickly realizes Andrew’s money-making potential and hatches a scheme to exploit him. Trask, driven by dreams of limitless wealth, will stop at nothing to secure Andrew’s cooperation.


REVIEWS excerpted from and Barnes &


"Paul Chandler's well-written Peeper delivers savvy good guys and savvy bad guys fighting for survival in a high-stakes battle with no brakes on it."


"Paul Chandler's novel takes readers on an adventure through corporate greed and criminal arrogance with style and guts."


"This book was great. I read it over the weekend and I could not put it down."


"I could not put this book down. Starting with the first page the plot takes an unexpected turn and the twists just don't stop coming."


"It's great suspense. I've never heard of this writer before. But I'll gladly read anything else he writes."

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